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The first and the oldest of the lot, The Monal Restaurant Islamabad, is known for its remarkable fine-dining, situated 1173 above sea level, overlooking the heart of Islamabad. It is known for its luxurious ambiance and breathtaking view of the twin city’s night lights. Overlooking The Faisal Mosque and the white elevation of Constitutional Avenue in a panoramic scenery, there are over seven terraces, each with an awe-inspiring view, The Monal Islamabad is undoubtedly a class on its own. Monal has the distinction of promoting Pakistani cuisine and luxurious fine dining to foreign delegations and tourists from across the world. The Monal Group Of Companies has proven its mettle in the restaurant industry and has expanded its horizons from the Federal Capital to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab.

The monal, named after a pheasant of rare and exquisite beauty dwelling future up north takes pride in offering not just authentic Pakistan. But also continental, Thai, and Chinese cuisine. The sumptuous food and unmatched hospitality at the monal have won the hearts and loyalties of all those who visit the restaurant. 

Spread over eight terraces, a balcony, and an indoor hall, the monal has an area and capacity that can accommodate more guests at a time than any other restaurant in Pakistan. But more than that, it lies in heart of the enchanting margallas and presents an aerial view of Pakistan’s Capital taking the breath away. Our five live kitchens absorb the culinary skills of well-trained chefs and boast of exemplary standards of hygiene. The four parking lots that can hold up to 250 cars, with reserved parking slots for special persons, lead to two entrances, one of which is a ramp to facilitate prams and wheelchairs.

Another major attraction, especially for the corporate sector, is a state-of-the-art conference hall. Designed to meet the requirements of all corporate events, the hall is large enough to seat more than a hundred people. With individual monitors, microphones, strategic lighting, and personalized setups for panel discussions; it is clearly one of its kind in the country.
In addition to its culinary Delight, The Monal Offers Food for the soul with live music every evening. It also has a great deal to offer to collectors of traditional artifact: at our entrance is an array of wooden carts laden with embroidery, jewelry, and ornaments handcrafted by nimble fingers with skills perfected over generations.
The Monal is Islamabad’s new identity: an experience in fine dining that everyone can afford. It is a must-visit for all those living in and visiting Islamabad Over the last 10 years, Monal Islamabad has become synonymous with the image of Pakistan and has also attained iconic value. Foreign delegations that visit Islamabad make sure to dine out at The Monal. It gives us a great sense of pride that anyone visiting takes back a true image of Pakistan with him. He returns to his country deeply impressed by the beauty of Pakistan and the hospitality of the Pakistani people.



Luqman Ali Afzal single handedly transformed The Monal Restaurant into the biggest commercial restaurant success in the history of Islamabad. 


Monal has been around for around 17 years, it was established in 2006 when Founder, Luqman Ali Afzal was left in awe by the location’s serenity and imagined it to be a promising business venture that it is today. The Monal started off with a team of 200 employees and now operates on a massive scale with over 3000 employees and the company continues to spread its horizons throughout Pakistan.  


Monal has become an institution where employees were trained and so far it has trained more than 7000 employees who are now well-settled all over the globe.